Principal’s Message

Dear Parent / Stake Holders,

Greeting from Lakshya International School, Nagda !!

I believe that each child is a unique individual with utmost potential and therefore the potential needs should be channelized so as to prepare them for the leadership roles in a globalized society without compromising on the universal.
Education has globalized and as such there is a need of Stress free Education where a child can enjoy and explore whatever he / she is learning. We need to understand that failure in an examination is not the end of learning. One can excel in any field if he/she has the willingness and aptitude. It is the duty of parents, the schools educational mentors to make the students realize that real meaning of education is not to get good marks in examination rather to apply skills and techniques in practical life so as to make his/ her life fruitful. Inspiring students is vital and should not only be done by their educators but also should be done by their Parents.
I take the privilege in saying that we have taken active initiative to empower students to be compassionate, responsive to our culture and heritage academically excelling as holistic persons with a scientific temper in an environment of sharing and caring. To enable children for this we provide set of strategies so as to develop a quality benchmark in school Education by providing an enriching learning for children and prepare them to meet all kinds of challenges in the future. We also strive to create a platform for students for learning emphasis on proactive thinking thus molding a generation of complete and creative individuals.

Best wishes to all stakeholders!

Mr. Rakesh Yadav
Lakshya International School,
Nagda Core Campus.